About Us

Premier Environmental Services Inc. (Premier) opened its doors in 2002, recognizing the need for a new type of environmental consultant: one that goes against the grain of traditional thinking and focuses on business solutions while ensuring that the environment is put above all else. And we have done just that.

While other firms view your environmental challenges strictly from a technical perspective – solving science with science, Premier sees your issues differently. We see the business challenge the environmental issue represents. That’s why we work as an extension of your corporate staff to get to the heart of the issue, from your perspective.

And, we’ve got the proof. Premier works closely with clients in the industrial and public sectors to develop and successfully implement regulatory and technical strategies. In fact, we believe so strongly in our approach, that we have no problem routinely and programmatically adopting it on projects even if it means loss of consulting revenue. Examples of our different approach include our innovative and proprietary cost-savings products such as Ricker Plume Stability Method®, the Remediation System Benefit Analysis® and Landfill Leachate Evaluation Program.

Our reputation in the industry is catching on in the industrial world. Despite being relatively new on the scene for the past 14 years, our company continues to experience growth. Our tight-knit team and world-class expertise has led us through some incredible projects of which we are extremely proud.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore our site further and learn more about what we do, why we do it, and why our clients love us for it!



Assessment & Remediation

Whether you own or lease, are buying or selling, or are borrowing or lending, an environmental assessment may be important to protect the value of your assets and your long-term interests. Premier’s environmental investigations are typically conducted using a phased approach, in order to minimize the cost to the client.


Our team of engineers and technical support staff is highly qualified, experienced, and takes pride in innovation – Premier is a leading consulting firm providing structural, environmental, and civil and geotechnical engineering solutions for natural and built environments.

Risk Management

Whether you own or are considering the purchase of a property, or you represent a financial institution or legal firm, Premier’s technical teams can assist by providing sound assessment and recommendations based on fact. Our core services focus on regulatory compliance and the mitigation of environmental risk.

Ecological Services

Regulatory reviews are a feature of all Premier’s Ecological and Natural Heritage Services (NHS). They help clients understand and anticipate any foreseeable challenges, and identify business-appropriate solutions. Clients benefit from multiple client-specific solutions that reflect on-site investigations and address Federal and Provincial policy and laws.

Vertex - Geoprobe and Pump

Innovative Products

Innovation sets Premier apart. Our team of qualified experts has developed our own unique strategies for analyzing and solving our clients’ problems. Our innovative systems are proven, exploring environmental issues from new perspectives to provide our clients efficient results. Contact Us today to learn more about our Innovative Products Services.

Health & Safety

Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Acts have numerous regulations designed to prevent accidents or mitigate exposure to hazardous materials or airborne contaminants inside buildings. Premier’s team of Occupational Health and Safety specialists are familiar with provincial Acts, codes and regulations in many Canadian jurisdictions.


Strategic Sustainable Solutions

We create healthier environments by empowering people to make positive, lasting change. We do this by educating and inspiring individuals to live more sustainably, minimize their environmental impact, and lead healthier, happier lives. We act as our client’s trusted advisor to deliver strategic sustainable solutions. Create healthier environments with Premier.