Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Mental illness affects us all at some point of our lives, either directly or indirectly. In any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem, illness, or addiction.1 In fact, mental illness is considered the leading cause of disability in Canada.2

There are many reasons why someone might develop or experience a mental health problem. It could stem from genetics, be biological or stress-induced, result from a traumatic experience, or simply occur for reasons unknown. Regardless of the reasons, mental illness should be treated just like any other illness. Diabetes and arthritis aren’t taboo subjects, so why is mental illness?

The stigma surrounding mental illness prevents 40 percent of people suffering from anxiety or depression from seeking medical attention.3 Let’s end the stigma by talking about mental health, sharing resources, and supporting mental wellbeing.

A great place to start is with one of our favourite resources, Bell Let’s Talk Toolkit, which includes:

  • A Conversation Guide to help you talk with someone you might be concerned about;
  • Helpful tips for the workplace to help you create a working environment that supports mental wellbeing; and
  • Shareable images to help you join the conversation and show your support on social media.

Since September 2010 Bell Let’s Talk has been leading the conversation about mental health in Canada and raising funds for mental health programs. To-date, Bell’s total donations to mental health programs is $93,423,628.80.4

“Never give up on someone with mental illness. When “i” is replaced with “we”, “illness” becomes “wellness”.
– Shannon Alder

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