Setting Intentions for a More Mindful 2020

Intentions act as a guiding purpose or attitude that drive how we want to live, work, and show up. Rather than a goal, which has an expectation attached to it, intentions are formed through reflection on our individual values and passions. Setting an intention can form the roadmap that helps us navigate obstacles in our lives.  

This year, instead of focusing on tangible goals or resolutions, our Strategic Sustainable Solutions team  set intentions related to sustainability and wellness to help us prioritize what makes us happy, productive, and successful.

Ailish’s 2020 Intention: Organization
While organization in the workplace is always a top priority, organization at home can often fall by the wayside. For me, staying organized is key to living a sustainable life, and enables me to achieve my waste reduction and wellness goals. This year, I plan to focus more on meal planning to reduce food waste (think grocery lists where items serve multiple purposes), spend more time on weekly food prep to reduce the need for single-use takeout containers at lunch, and consider my daily schedule before leaving home to ensure I remember to pack reusable bags if I’m running errands and a clean reusable mug if I have a coffee meeting. Here’s to planning ahead to ensure I’m equipped to make sustainable choices every day.

Courtney’s 2020 Intention: Be Present
The more present we are, the more aspects of life we get to experience, and the more we engage in conversations and relationships. This year, to be more present I will unplug when I can (especially during meals); dedicate time each day for meaningful reflection and meditation; and spend more time reading and connecting with friends and family, and less time watching tv or mindlessly scrolling. I know these simple acts are important for my mental, emotional, and physical health, but truthfully, they always seem to fall last on my list of priorities.

Kim’s 2020 Intention: Buy Less
In today’s world of consumerism, it’s easy to get caught up buying things we really don’t need. With everything available at our fingertips with a simple click of a button, we can buy almost anything, anywhere, anytime. This year, I am going to focus on reducing my consumption, and when I absolutely need to buy something, I will purchase with purpose. For example, if I need an outfit for an event (like a wedding), I will borrow one from a friend or take advantage of the countless clothing rental companies that now exist. If I need a new pair of jeans because my existing ones are beyond repair, I will do my research and find a sustainable company to support. I will borrow books from the library. I will have less, and do more.

Jennifer’s 2020 Intention: Practice Kindness
Expressing kindness, both for ourselves and others, is a crucial interpersonal skill that requires strength and courage–especially in stressful moments. For the new year, I will proactively apply kindness to negative emotions or experiences and receive feedback or conflict with an increased understanding of others’ perspectives. To be kinder to myself, I will acknowledge unpleasant feelings and emotions and accept how they feel without being too hard on myself. Instead of dwelling on perceived regrets or mistakes, I will do my best to take care of myself and recognize the validity of my own needs.

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