How to Create a Serene Workspace

Working from home doesn’t have to feel the same as being stuck in a cubicle. While we can’t simply change our workload and the work we do, we do have some control over our workspace. From the organization of your desk, to the decor surrounding it, there are several tweaks we can make to start feeling calm, more productive, and less stressed. Below are some tips to consider when re-making your workspace.

  1. Clean Your Desk, but Add Personal Touches. Clutter on your desk can prevent you from being productive – making it harder to switch tasks, maintain memory, and filter relevant information. Aim to keep only the documents you need in front of you. Having adequate storage helps to maintain the feeling of “out of sight, out of mind”. However, don’t make your workspace too impersonal and empty as you want your workspace to be enjoyable to be in. Add some bright decor that makes you feel good, such as framed photos and containers that can hold stationary.
  2. Consider Colour Theory. When choosing décor or paint, consider specific colours and the feeling and emotions they give off. Shades of blue and green are perceived to be soothing while yellow and orange are stimulating. For productivity, avoid pastels, which our minds can perceive as dull and uninspiring, and darker tones which can seem depressing. Optimal colours that keep us calm yet productive include bright blue, green, lavender, cream, and muted green.
  3. Consider Some Greenery. Desk plants can create a calm environment and have been associated with improving mental health and air quality. If you are a beginner in the world of indoor plants, consider minimal-care options that thrive in a range of conditions. Even if you work from a darker spot, such as a basement, there are indoor plants, like pothos, you can look into as well. If you can’t have a desk plant, consider changing your display background into a green image, which has been proven to have similar benefits as having an actual plant.

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