Assessment & Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are designed to investigate environmental liabilities that may arise from current or historical storage, usage, handling and/or disposal of hazardous or toxic materials at a particular property. Whether you own or lease, are buying or selling, or are borrowing or lending, an environmental assessment may be important to protect the value of your assets and your long-term interests. Premier’s environmental investigations are typically conducted using a phased approach, in order to minimize the cost to the client.

An ESA will determine if actual or potential impacts are present at a given property. When impacts are suspected, ESAs typically consist of a detailed subsurface investigation to characterise and assess the extent of any lateral and/or vertical expansion of the impacts. Once the extent of the impacts is outlined, remedial options are considered and a remediation program may be designed and implemented. Risk assessment may also be used to develop risk-based remediation criteria that are based upon site-specific considerations at a site. Sites that do not pose a risk to human health or the environment may be addressed through a program of risk management mainly consisting of containment and monitoring.

Premier’s remediation design specialists have expertise in a broad range of remedial technologies. Depending on the characteristics of the site and the contaminant concentrations present, Premier will evaluate and determine the most appropriate remedial technique based on site-specific objectives, client needs and our experience.

Premier’s Assessment and Remediation services include:

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