Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfields are vacant or underutilized properties such as former industrial sites, closed gas stations, dry cleaners, disposal sites, or foundries that have remained unused or underdeveloped after the original business closed. Brownfields can pose health and safety risks and become costly to the communities where they are located. They can also be redeveloped to meet health, safety, and environmental standards.

Brownfield properties provide opportunities for new investment that help achieve long term objectives including:

  • Promoting compact growth that uses existing infrastructure
  • Reducing the outward expansion of the urban area
  • Reducing risk to regional groundwater sources by promoting the remediation of environmentally impacted properties
  • Supporting the adaptive reuse of buildings, including heritage properties

In many instances, local municipalities provide financial incentive for developers to undertake the redevelopment of Brownfield properties, through cost reimbursement and tax incentives. These incentives are typically called ‘Brownfield Incentives’.

Premier’s team has extensive experience in helping clients obtain Brownfield incentives through liaison with the applicable municipalities and lobbying efforts.

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