Due Diligence Management

Due diligence management is typically required during property purchase, mergers and acquisitions, and other property transfer situations. Undertaking the appropriate due diligence activities is crucial to ensure environmental risks associated with previous activities are accurately identified and taken into consideration. In many cases, due diligence information is the key component in completing a transaction to the satisfaction of all parties.

Premier personnel have designed, managed, and collected data for due diligence efforts on projects that have included large portfolios of properties in addition to individual commercial and industrial parcels.

During a typical project, Premier staff interact with the transaction legal team to establish and convey project requirements, including the scope, format, and timing of the due diligence program. Premier’sproject managers are typically responsible for tracking and managing the entire due diligence process, providing senior technical review, resolving issues and discrepancies, and giving the final review and approval of consultant invoices.

Specific due diligence management services that Premier provides include:

  • Conducting Phase I/II/III environmental and physical site assessments according to CSA, ASTM, provincial, federal and/or lender-specific protocols
  • Developing policy statements, protocols, and procedures for conducting environmental due diligence
  • Developing standardized scopes of work, approach, and reporting protocols
  • Evaluating key building systems and estimating maintenance/repair costs
  • Procuring approved consultants and negotiation of master services agreements
  • Working as part of your team to fulfill site-specific legal and compliance audit requirements
  • Managing due diligence processes from initiation to final report completion, including administrative activities such as invoicing

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