Records of Site Condition and Regulatory Closure

Every province has its own process of demonstrating the environmental condition of a property. In Ontario, for example, under O.Reg. 153/04 (as amended), a Record of Site Condition (RSC) sets out the environmental condition of a property at a particular point in time, based on its intended use. In most instances, the filing of an RSC is discretionary on the part of the property owner, however, in certain circumstances, such as a change of property from industrial to residential, it may be mandatory. Additionally, many provincial and municipal agencies may require an RSC to display that a property is safe for newly proposed development.

A Qualified Person (QP) is required to prepare the RSC. Typically, an RSC will include information regarding the site description, property ownership and use, site assessment information, the applicable site condition standards that were applied to the site, certification statements, and a description of any site remediation or clean-up activities undertaken.

Once an RSC has been filed in the Environmental Site Registry, it provides evidence that a QP has assessed the property and certified it to meet certain criteria in respect to soil, ground water, and sediment standards for a specified use.

The Qualified Professionals at Premier have prepared and submitted RSCs and subsequently obtained Regulatory Closures for a number of clients and for a variety of purposes at properties across Ontario. Premier’s team has the experience required to avoid time-consuming and often frustrating mistakes in the record of site condition (RSC) submission.

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