Species at Risk

Ecological assessments often involve the completion of studies to assess and describe local Species at Risk (SAR). Premier’s assessments have considered amphibians like salamanders, bats (sometimes called myotis), birds, fish, snakes, and turtles. In many instances, these assessments of SAR result in the identification of the ecological and natural heritage for the species on a site. From there an environmental management plan can be developed, to ultimately benefit the SAR.

Some examples of the 50+ SAR that have been assessed by Premier during past studies includes:

  • Dwarf Lake Iris (a flowering plant)
  • Goldenseal (a flowering plant)
  • Butternut (a tree)
  • Bobolink (a ground nesting bird)
  • Blanding’s Turtle (a turtle found in wetlands, rivers, lakes)
  • Milksnake (snake found in Ontario)
  • Little Brown Bat (bat that uses tree cavities during winter hibernation)
  • Redside Dace (fish found in small streams that drain to the Great Lakes)
  • Woodland Caribou (large mammal found in the northern Boreal Forest)

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