Remediation System Benefit Analysis

Is your plume shrinking because of or despite your remediation system? It is a simple question, yet one that is hardly asked, and probably never answered – until Premier developed a patent-pending analysis tool to help clients find the answer.

The Premier team is an expert group of remediation engineers and scientists whose depth and broad range of experience has allowed us to develop a sophisticated Remediation System Benefit Analysis methodology.

When clients asked us for ways to help them decrease their environmental reserves, we listened. The result is Premier’s RSBA® tool. In effect, what it does is evaluate what benefit an active groundwater remediation system (e.g. pump and treat) is having on plume size reduction.

RSBATM will tell you whether an active system may be considered efficient or inefficient. RSBATM will also tell you that you may need to expand your groundwater remediation system, or turn it off. Simply, if you are spending money on an active remediation system, RSBA® will tell you whether that money is being well spent. This new RSBA® tool is currently Premier’s fastest growing requested service.

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