Compliance Audit

Environmental Compliance Audits (ECA) and Employee Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) audits are critical considerations in modern manufacturing. Increasingly complex Federal, Provincial and local regulations require compliance with a confusing array of laws, permits and codes. Non-compliance may result in penalties, extensive legal ramifications, and potential employee exposure to injury, lost work time and increased workers compensation costs to the corporation.

Premier Environmental Services Inc.’s Environmental and OHS Services personnel are experienced in developing systems and training programs designed to maintain regulatory compliance and protect employees and the communities in which your company operates. Premier personnel are experienced with implementing environmental and occupational health and safety programs.

These services include:

Safety Systems Audit

  • Safety program development
  • Accountability programs
  • OHS readiness
  • Joint health and Safety Committee planning and mentoring
  • Behavior-based safety observation process
  • Employee, supervisor and management safety training
  • Workers compensation training

Environmental Compliance

  • Spill and/or release compliance reporting
  • PCB identification and management
  • Hazardous and Solid Waste Management
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank management and reporting
  • General compliance data management and reporting
  • Risk Management

Occupational Hygiene Services

  • Hearing conservation program
  • Respiratory protection program
  • Ergonomic evaluations and solutions development
  • Chemical exposure monitoring
  • Asbestos assessments and abatement
  • Asbestos re-assessments
  • Lead paint assessment and abatement
  • Mould assessment

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