Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Risk Assessment

An EIL Risk Assessment involves a site visit or telephone interview with facility representative(s), regarding hazardous and non-hazardous materials use, storage and transportation, standard operating procedures, manufacturing processes, training and compliance. This information is used to assess and rate potential environmental liabilities associated with a specific manufacturing or commercial operation. EILs are used to underwrite a new policy, and updated on a periodic basis. The information is provided directly to the insurance company providing the coverage.

Premier’s team of certified Canadian Risk Management (CRM) insurance and risk management professionals have years of experience providing insurance and risk management consulting. Premier has helped clients from across Canada to:

  • Understand and quantify risk
  • Underwrite surveys
  • Establish loss prevention/control programs
  • Close claims quickly
  • Set up captives and risk finance programs
  • Minimize future losses

Premier can tailor the level of technical support to the particular requirements of the client, from focused phone surveys for underwriters to complete third-party facility assessments.

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