Executive Team

Premier’s team of engineers, scientists and technicians are fully qualified to deliver a wide variety of services, in many jurisdictions across Canada and Internationally. Premier has a higher ratio of qualified persons (QP) – meaning senior Engineers and Geoscientists – than most other consulting firms. Because of this, your project manager will have the experience and insight needed to help you make sound business decisions and keep your project budget and schedule on track.


David Wade, P.Geo., CRM, FRM, QPESA, QPRA Dave has over 30 years of experience in environmental liability insurance risk profiling and the development of loss prevention and loss control programs, environmental site assessment and soil/groundwater remediation. Dave is a Professional Geoscientist licensed in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. His key areas of expertise include the following: risk transfer and finance programs, environmental forensics, insurance underwriting surveys, risk assessment and management, contaminated site remedial design and implementation, loss prevention and loss control programs, expert testimony/expert witness support, and insurance claims support. Currently, Dave is the President and CEO of Premier.

Troy Jones, BA, CRSP, AMRT Troy is Certified Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) who acts as both a Consultant and the Manager of Canadian Operations.  Troy has worked with hundreds of clients across Canada on health and safety and environmental initiatives.  His extensive experience includes auditing, training, program design, hazardous building materials surveys and abatement, Environmental Site Assessments, indoor air quality assessments, compliance approvals, risk management, infection control, and occupational hygiene. More recently, Troy was responsible for assisting clients in managing their portfolio of commercial/residential properties across Canada.  The work included indoor air quality assessments, asbestos awareness training, and Phase I ESAs updates.  In some jurisdictions, the findings of the work were used to develop programs aimed at improving worker health and safety.      

John Cracknell, P.Eng., QPESA, QPRA John is a licensed professional engineer in several Canadian provinces and a Qualified Person under Ontario Regulation 153/04 (site assessment and risk assessment). He has been involved in thousands of successful environmental site assessments in many parts of Canada and the United States on behalf of financial lenders, industry, developers, and government. John has over 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, which has allowed him to become extremely familiar with regulatory requirements and legislation at all levels. John’s expertise are in the areas of environmental due diligence, Phase I & II environmental site assessment and characterization, environmental compliance audits, site decommissioning, evaluation of remedial alternatives, soil and groundwater remediation systems, human health risk assessment, risk management, regulatory strategy, physical condition assessments and designated substance surveys.

Dave Montgomery, B.Sc., P.Geo (Limited) Dave is a professional geoscientist and a Qualified Person, Environmental Site Assessments. He is an environmental consultant with over 17 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry and has managed or co-managed complex projects across Ontario. Dave has completed numerous Phase I and II ESAs for industrial-commercial and residential properties and has led both large- and small-scale soil and groundwater remediation projects. His training and experience in soil and groundwater investigations has been used often to achieve cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for projects involving different client sectors. Dave has a proven ability to project manage complex projects involving multiple disciplines. Other expertise includes hydrogeological investigations, designated substance surveys, and various regulatory permitting processes.

Kyla Hoyles, P. Geo, QPESA

Kyla is a professional geoscientist licensed in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. She has extensive consulting experience specializing in Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, soil and groundwater remediation, risk assessment / risk management, and Designated Substance / Hazardous Materials Surveys and abatement. She has conducted, supervised, and trained staff on all stages of the environmental site assessment process, assessing hundreds of properties. In the process Kyla has assisted a wide variety of clients by assessing risk related to property purchase and divestment, financing and re-development. Kyla is a Qualified Person for filing Records of Site Condition (RSC) as specified in O. Reg. 153/04 as amended. Kyla has over twelve years of experience assessing buildings for the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mould, and PCBs.  She also provides third-party monitoring for abatement activities to support industrial and commercial construction projects, removal of underground storage tanks and indoor air quality assessment.


Gerren Feeney, P.Geo (Limited), QPESA Gerren has experience in environmental assessment and project management in the petroleum, hydro utility, industrial, and commercial fields. His professional experience includes Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phases I, II, and III, in-situ and ex-situ remedial techniques, remedial options evaluations, risk assessments (RA), designated substance surveys, stormwater management, spill cleanup, and record of site conditions (RSC). Gerren has been responsible for conducting environmental programs pertaining to soil and groundwater cleanup in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia.    

Mike Connolly, B.Sc., P.Geo., QPESA Mike Connolly is a registered member of the Professional Geoscientist of Ontario (PGO) and a Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) of Ontario Qualified Person for Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) under Ontario Regulation 153/04/ Amended. His experience includes working for both contractors and consultants with in excess of 28 years of experience in managing environmental site assessments, large scale decommissioning and demolitions, environmental remediation and civil projects. He is involved in all aspects of project delivery including executing Phase I, II and III ESAs, development of cost estimates, schedules, detailed work plans, environmental mitigation plans, site specific health and safety plans (SSHSPs); designated substance survey and hazardous material audits (DSS/HMA). Mike advises clients with respect to investigation, remediation or risk management strategies that are applicable to individual sites.    

 Paul Hubley, M.Sc., P.Geo., QPESA, EP, CRM, FGC

Paul is a Professional Geoscientist (ON, AB), Environmental Professional (EP) (sustainability, environmental manager, energy, site assessment and reclamation and water quality specializations) and is a Certified Canadian Risk Manager (CRM) with over 30 years of experience in environmental site assessment and soil/groundwater remediation throughout Canada and in the United States. His key areas of expertise include the following: risk management, environmental forensics, contaminated site remedial design and implementation, expert testimony/expert witness support, and insurance claims support. He is active in applying geoscience solutions to the identification and management of sustainability and climate risk issues. Paul was named a Fellow of Geoscientists Canada (FGC) for his substantial contributions to the geoscience profession and serves as President of Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO) for the 2021-2022 term. 


Ailish Wade, WELL AP, LEED Green Associate Ailish works with clients to deliver solutions that support business objectives tied to operational sustainability and wellness in the workplace. Ailish designs and implements comprehensive programs that engage organizations and their employees in sustainable initiatives and create positive behaviour change. As part of Ailish’s commitment to optimizing human health and wellbeing in the built environment, Ailish also supports clients in their pursuit of WELL Building Certification.