In today’s post our Environmental Consultant, Kyla, reflects on field work and how it doesn’t have to stop with snow on the ground.

Today marks the first day after a province wide lockdown, and for most of us in Southern Ontario, it’s a snow day. Many of us have been using this time to set business goals and plans for the upcoming months, and are now anxious to move forward with things.

It has been my experience that the pandemic has not slowed down the need for environmental consulting work, and most outdoor field work has moved forward this winter regardless of weather conditions.  A day like today does slow things down significantly, however our staff have developed some good tricks for completing field work in winter conditions.  This might include precise measurements on monitoring well locations so they can be dug out of snow banks, or insulating water lines and pumps to delay freezing during water sampling. With good planning, borehole drilling can happen any time of the year.  Groundwater sampling can happen on all but the most bitterly cold days as long as wells are not buried below snowbanks. 

If your work involves excavating it might be best to wait for a bit of a thaw, but otherwise you may be surprised what we can accomplish!  Before we know it, the construction season will be upon us again, and with it, longer days and fairer weather.  So no need to wait, and let us know if Premier can assist you with your plans. 

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