While the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way we work and live in 2020, experts agree that several workplace trends can be expected throughout the course of 2021 as we continue to adjust and transition from home to office or a hybrid of both.

Employee Wellbeing Will Be Prioritized

A focus on the overall well-being of employees will be paramount, including a strong focus on their physical, social and mental health. While organizations should focus on providing COVID-safe workplaces, they must first take care of their people with health and wellness offerings, including modern technologies that help employees better manage mental and physical health from anywhere.

Workplace Preparation Is Key

Creating a healthy and safe workplace environment for employees to return to will be critical to ease their concerns about transitioning from home to office. Measures should be clearly communicated to employees and include improved sanitization and cleaning procedures, improved indoor air quality, physical distancing protocols, and comprehensive emergency preparedness plans.

Physical Offices Will Still Be Important

While many employees have adjusted to their work from home environments, many still crave a common space for collaboration, learning and social connection. Employees will want flexibility for work from home, the office, and/or co-working spaces.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical & Digital Workplaces

Many organizations will be looking for ways to meet employee’s flexibility needs by bridging the gap between traditional and flexible work set ups. Organizations will continue to search for and adopt advanced technologies to make connection and collaboration seamless.

Sustainability As A Driving Force

Commercial buildings and spaces will work harder to implement sustainable initiatives and amenities that not only provide a hub to connect, socialize and collaborate, but also offer a healthy, safe and sustainable workplace experience. Sustainability in the workplace will be important as more of the labour force searches for organizations that align with their environmental, social, and governance values.

If your organization is interested in learning more about offering employee wellness & sustainability initiatives and preparing your workplace for reentry – contact our Strategic Sustainable Solutions Team.

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