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Protect your assets and investments with long-term environmental solutions. Premier’s Assessment and Remediations services identify hazardous, toxic, or non-compliance conditions that are affecting your property, then provide the risk management and remedial technologies needed to meet site-specific objectives.


Environmental Site Assessment
(Phase I and II ESA)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are often conducted as due diligence activities when it comes to property transfer, financing, or development. If a Phase I ESA reveals actual or potential sources of contamination, a Phase II ESA is conducted to verify the presence or absence of subsurface contamination. These ESAs are conducted in accordance with the appropriate standards and protocols set by regulators and the government.

Environmental Risk Assessment

Contaminated risk assessments are a key component of many environmental regulatory decisions, and are often mandated by regulators as part of the site evaluation process. Our team specializes in chemistry, physics, biology, ecology, geology, hydrology, and engineering, and has performed and critiqued multi-pathway risk assessments, as well as designed risk-based remediation goals for sites and facilities under a variety of Federal and Provincial regulatory frameworks.

Key Components of an Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Data Management
and Monitoring

Premier has integrated data management solutions into many aspects of environmental work, facilitating efficient analysis and comprehensive reporting for all types of data. By using state-of-the-art hardware and software tools, Premier data management specialists can produce project-specific database solutions to suit your needs.

Ecological Risk Assessment
and Species at Risk

We identify ecological features and key species such as trees, birds, wildlife, and invertebrates that may be associated with the site and could be a Species at Risk (SAR). A thorough analysis that outlines their ecological and natural heritage, and includes government guidelines and risk management measures, is used to inform an environmental management plan that guides remediation and habitat restorations activities.

Indoor Air Quality

Helping protect the health of workers and the environment is what Premier’s all about. Whether you need to address an exposure incident; evaluate your health and safety program; or manage inspections, air monitoring, and abatement activities, we’re here to help. Minimize risk, stay compliant, and implement solutions to meet business goals with the following services:

Remediation Plans, Management,
and Oversight

Effective planning, management, and oversight of remediation projects keep things on schedule, within budget, and in compliance with the appropriate remediation standards and objectives. Premier has extensive experience planning and managing remediation projects to a successful conclusion, ensuring appropriate screening protocols, documentation, sample collection, comparison to the applicable site condition standards, and that the appropriate prescribed monitoring requirements are applied.

Records of Site Condition
and Regulatory Closure

Every province has its own process of demonstrating the environmental condition of a property in accordance with provincial regulations (i.e., Record of Site Condition [RSC] in Ontario). Additionally, many provincial and municipal agencies may require an RSC or equivalent to display that a property is appropriate for newly proposed development. It can be complicated and only a Qualified Person (QP) can prepare an RSC. Premier’s team of QPs have the extensive experience you’re looking for to avoid time-consuming and frustrating mistakes in the RSC submission.

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