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Regulatory Compliance
& Risk Management

Reduce risk, maintain compliance, advance business

Compliance can get complicated with unidentified risks everywhere. Gain peace of mind knowing that Premier can mitigate environmental risk and ensure regulatory compliance of property investments for you, which includes management of Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) and the Environmental Activity Site Registry (EASR). Our technical teams provide sound assessments and advice that you can trust to move forward with confidence and focus on your business.

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Regulatory Compliance
and Risk Management SERVICES

Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Risk Assessment

Premier’s team of certified Canadian Risk Management (CRM) insurance and risk management professionals have years of experience providing insurance and risk management consulting, including Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Risk Assessments. This information is used to assess and rate potential environmental liabilities associated with a specific manufacturing or commercial operation, in order to underwrite or update an insurance policy.

Environmental Management Systems and Compliance Auditing

A comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) is integral to the efficient implementation and maintenance of environmental policies. Premier can cost-effectively assess and implement ISO 14001 registration and site-specific legal requirements that are applicable to your facility. With over 30 years of environmental management and auditing experience on our team, we’ve completed over 200 compliance/EMS audits over the past five years with federal institutions, research facilities, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

And when it comes to closing a plant or decommissioning a site, Premier can help you check all the legal, regulatory, and technical requirement check boxes. We can develop environmental strategies, create site management programs to address environmental impacts, plan post-closure use of the property, and close environmental permits and plans with various federal, provincial, and municipal authorities for a smooth transition.

Human Health & Risk Assessment

Our in-house toxicologists and qualified risk assessment professionals can establish multi-pathway human health risk assessments, which estimate the size and likelihood of risks and hazards to people on or off a property. Understanding potential human health risks can remove the need for remedial action, assist in permitting new facilities, and establish appropriate remedial cleanup levels.

Expert Witness Support

Premier’s team of specialists has successfully provided expert witness opinion and testimony in legal claims across a wide variety of areas, including remedial options in the case of flood, fire, or wind damage; forensic techniques to identify timing and source of fuel or chemical spills; microbial analyses and laboratory techniques for forensic identification; forensic analysis reviews; treatment of alternatives for subsurface contamination; and Building Condition Assessment and structural review. We’ve also given expert opinions in hearings regarding technical reports, inspections, and analyses produced by other companies, and have been called on by the Ontario Municipal Board, Ontario Environmental Assessment Tribunal, Ontario Energy Board, and the National Energy Board.

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