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Mould Abatement Insurance Claim

Premier staff are Available to Complete Site Visits, Testing, and Third-Party Oversight of Mould Abatement on an As-Needed Basis.


Premier Environmental Services Inc. was retained by an insurance adjuster to conduct mould assessment and mould abatement work at two residential properties in southern Ontario that had been subjected to significant flooding. This abatement project was completed on a rush basis to ensure the insured parties could safely re-occupy the on-site buildings as soon as possible.


The basement areas of the on-site buildings had filled with approximately 1 meter (3 feet) of water, which remained stagnant for several days. The building materials, heating systems, furniture, and other contents were significantly damaged or contaminated with mould growth. One challenge was removing all the stagnant water for off-site disposal, and salvaging as much of the building’s material fixtures and contents as possible. A second challenge was to properly clean several antiques stored in one basement area without causing any significant damage to them. Another challenge was that the property owners wished to occupy the main levels of the buildings for the duration of the mould abatement work.


Premier worked with a qualified mould abatement contractor to design an abatement strategy that would minimize costs yet complete the work on a rush basis. The mould abatement work was completed within a two-week timeframe by utilizing a large on-site staging area to clean and store all loose building contents. The outcome was that all building heating systems (furnaces and baseboard heaters), furniture, and antiques were properly cleaned and restored to their original condition using non-abrasive abatement methods. Premier conducted site visits for the duration of the abatement work and completed post-abatement air testing, which confirmed that airborne mould concentrations were acceptable for the purposes of building re-occupation.

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