Premier’s Sustainability team is ready to assist you with creating a seamless re-entry in the post COVID-19 world. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a visible commitment that shows occupants your building is safe to return to.

Open and maintain your property with confidence. Stay informed with the world’s leading standard for advancing health and wellbeing. Address tenant concerns with the latest insights from nearly 600 experts across public health, medicine, real estate, government and academia.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Healthy Spaces

Buildings with the rating display a visible seal that lets occupants know their landlord is operating under evidence-based best practices to offer them the safest workplace experience possible. Together, we can help your property attain the WELL Health-Safety Standard and optimize:

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness Programs
  • Health Service Resources
  • Air and Water Quality Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

What is the WELL Health-Safety Rating? 

Crucial in tenant retention, the rating is evidence-based and third-party verified. It is a robust standard that acts as a clear road map for operations under these uncertain times. Flexible and adaptable, the WELL Health-Safety Rating is priced for accessibility and can guide your company no matter what the next normal looks like.

For spaces of all kinds–from multi-residential to commercial–the WELL Health-Safety Rating supports the long-term needs of your tenants. An efficient and effective opportunity to recognize the efforts of building owners and operators, the standard includes short and long-term measures for emergency management and response. It also includes strategies to mitigate air and water quality contaminants, while placing a focus on optimizing the mental and physical health of your building community.

Create Healthier Environments With Us

Our Sustainability team has extensive experience in guiding clients through WELL certification. Now, we are excited to apply our knowledge towards this new and exciting rating. Connect with us today to learn how we can support you in building a healthier environment at

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