Fave Finds: August 2019

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Every month, our team will be sharing a few of our favourite things related to sustainability and wellness. Our Fave Finds will include anything from interesting reads to products and podcasts (and everything in between!) that help us lead more sustainable lives. Here is the latest edition.

My Creative Type

My Creative Type is a personality test that explores how you think and perceive the world in order to understand what drives you creatively. Full of striking graphics, the quiz asks fifteen thought-provoking questions to determine your creative personality type and gain a deeper understanding of how you can face creative challenges and maximize your potential. Our team recently completed this as a group and  discovered what creative types we are as well as  how well we collaborate with other team members!

Good On You

Good On You rates clothing brands based on their sustainability and impact on people, the planet, and animals. Accessible via their app and website, each brand receives a rating out of five to help guide purchasing decisions. Clothing brands with no ethical or sustainability policies receive the lowest rating, “We Avoid”, while brands that are sustainable, transparent, and ethical, with one or more certifications receive the highest rating, “Great”.

Nine Revolutionary Ways To Make Self-Care A Priority

In the 1980s, African-American feminist Audre Lorde noted, “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” These days, self-care is everywhere, and while we love how normalized it’s become, the spread of self-care through social media has led to mass commercialization and consumerism of products that we might not necessarily need. This article takes us back to how self-care originated as a tool to help marginalized individuals engage with society and heal themselves and others. We especially like their suggestion of practicing “boring self-care”, like packing lunches and filing taxes, tasks that aren’t Instagrammable, but necessary to lead a healthy, balanced life. 

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