Premier has been assisting our clients with their redevelopment visions since our inception in 2002. Recently, Premier was approached by a developer to assist them with a Brownfield redevelopment project located within a major urban centre in Quebec. The site was historically occupied by a petroleum refuelling centre that leaked contaminants over several decades into subsurface. To assist our client in reaching their redevelopment milestones, Premier completed the following tasks:

  • Review available site characterization information, and identify and address data gaps;
  • Determine applicable soil and groundwater criteria set forth by the Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation under the Environmental Quality Act enforced by the provincial environment ministry (MELCC);
  • Develop a comprehensive remedial action plan incorporating demolition of the former building, installation of a perimeter shoring system, pre- and post-condition assessments of the adjacent buildings and infrastructure, excavation and off-site disposal of approximately 10,000 metric tonnes of impacted soils and permitting/implementation of a groundwater treatment system;
  • Develop an in-depth site-specific health & safety plan focusing on the proposed action plan including a logistical plan for the safe site access by several hundreds of trucks during periods of high vehicle and pedestrian traffic; and
  • Collection of verification samples for laboratory analysis to guide the remedial efforts and confirm the excavation limits fully addressed all contamination.

The executed remedial action plan was completed without incident, within the proposed
two- month schedule and on budget.  Now that the property has been decontaminated, our client is now in a position to proceed to the next phase of their redevelopment plan for the property.

Our team of experienced engineers, scientists, technologists and technicians have extensive experience in all facets of property acquisitions, divestments and redevelopment.  We understand the necessity to streamline these types of projects as efficiently as possible to achieve deliverables and timelines as easy and quickly as possible so that our client’s return on investment occurs as planned.

We would be pleased to discuss your transactional due diligence and redevelopment needs. 
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